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 >  2" Newtonian Low-Profile Diamond Steeltrack


 >  2" SC Diamond Steeltrack (for Schmidt Cassegrains)


 >  2" Refractor Diamond Steeltrack


SteelDrive Motorized Focusing System





Baader Diamond Steeltrack Premium Focusers  NEW!!


In recent years the Crayford style of ball-bearing guided  focuser has become popular due to its smooth motions, absence of pinion backlash, and rigid drawtube support.  Baader's new Diamond Steeltrack Premium Focusers incorporate a number of  innovative features that further enhance the smoothness and robustness of the Crayford focuser. 


Baader's innovative diamond-geared drive system delivers the smooth totally backlash-free action of a friction drive with the positive non-slip high load capacity of a rack and pinion.  Additional improvements in the bearing-guide system help to take the Baader Diamond Steeltracks (BDS) far enough beyond all other crayford-type focusers that some have called them 'Baaderford'.  Available in 2" versions for Newtonians, Refractors, and SCTs.  Adapters are available to fit most telescopes.


For a sneak-peek at these new focusers (including a video showing their high lifting capacity), please click on this link:



General Specifications
for all Baader Diamond Steeltracks

The brass reduction gear is prepared to accept the timing belt of the Steeldrive Motor-drive unit. The outer case of all Diamond Steeltracks have a dovetail cut into the driving-axis housing to accommodate the motor block of the Steeldrive unit.

ALL Baader Diamond Steeltrack (BDS) Focusers have the following specifications:

Drive System

  • True diamonds form a micro-geared high precision drive system never accomplished before
  • In comparison to conventional crayford or rack & pinion drives, this micro-geared movement has zero backlash, zero cogging, and zero flexure
  • Diamond Steeltrack 2" focusers lift a payload of 6kg (13 lbs) straight up, without slipping, without excessive bearing preload (bearing preload can be increased further if necessary)
  • Bearing system utilizes unbreakable Instrument Grade Roller-Bearings instead of simpler Ball Bearings - handles higher loads with greater rigidity and accuracy. No Teflon-pads anywhere
  • 1:10 Stainless Steel fine-focus mechanism, ready for attachment of the optional Steeldrive temperature-compensating motor drive system
  • Detachable drive block assembly is reversible for right hand or left hand fine-focus operation and for attaching the Steeldrive motorblock onto Diamond-NT-Steeltracks for newtonian telescopes
  • Shortest possible mechanical design achieves optimum balance between focuser height (backfocus) and rigidity requirements
  • Zero shift locking knob to precisely stop any movement without affecting optical axis adjustment

Focusing Drawtube:

  • Each bearing individually adjustable for precise alignment of mechanical vs. optical axis
  • Ultra-hard subzero coated bearing races precision milled and much harder than anodizing or stainless steel
  • Oversized 55mm inner clear diameter, to prevent vignetting, with anti-reflection knife-edge baffles

Clamping System

  • S58 Dovetail ring-clamp built into focusing tube for accepting optional T-2 / M48 / M68 and other S58 direct-thread adapters to enable direct thread connection of accessories and cameras without 2" clamp
  • 2" eyepiece clamp with hardened bronze clamp ring (length of clamp: 12.5mm / ") included as standard
  • Optionally available 2" Baader Clicklock-clamp w. integrated S58 dovetail (added length: 16mm / 5/8")
  • Two auxiliary threads (M60x1 and M55x0,75) cut into the RT & NT focusing-tube for attachment of dedicated field flatteners or focal reducers/correctors




2" Newtonian Low-Profile Diamond Steeltrack




Upgrade practically any Newtonian, small or large, with all of the smoothness, precision, and features of Baader Planetarium's 2" Newtonian Low-Profile Diamond Steeltrack Focuser. 

  • Low Profile.  Overall height of only 50mm

  • Fully Baffled and blackened drawtube kills off-axis stray light.  Tube hole size of 2.4" Diameter required for drawtube clearance.

  • Focuser travel of 40mm.

  • Versa-Base, fits tubes 8" Dia and larger.  

  • Optional NT Flat Base available.

  • Optional low-profile (1mm) 2"/1 Pushfix Reducer.

  • Weighs xxoz  (xxxg).




Comparison of New Baader Diamond Steeltrack to prior Steeltrack


- 2" Newtonian Diamond Steeltrack Crayford Focuser  (#FOC-NT)



Diamond Steeltrack NT Flat Base


Enables mounting of the Baader NT Diamond Steeltrack onto Dobsonians with flat mounting surfaces.

  • Dovetailed Attachment to focuser permits rotational adjustment for optimal alignment of focuser knobs.

  • Includes collimation jack-screws for precise collimation of focuser to scope's axis.

  • Fits square hole pattern of x x x in (x x x mm). Screw Size 1/4-20.

  • Weight of xxoz (xxx gm)



 - Flat BasePlate for NT Diamond Steeltrack  (#FOC-FLAT)






2"/1 Pushfix Low-Profile Reducer

Baader's Pushfix Reducer is the perfect low-profile 2"/1 reducer for the Newtonian and SCT Steeltrack focusers.  The 'pushfix' reducer incorporates unique features not found in any other reducer.

  • When mated to Diamond Steeltrack Focusers, the Pushfix uses up only 1mm of height, saving precious back-focus.

  • Captive Bronze compression ring protects eyepieces from damage.

  • Threaded to accept 2" filters.

  • Unique 3-Way clamping:

  • Standard Knurled thumbscrew. Nests inside the mating Diamond Steeltrack focuser recess to preserve the ultra-low 1mm profile.

  • Semi-Permanent attachment to eyepieces.  Recessed setscrews can be tightened onto the compression ring to semi-permanently 'fix' the reducer to a 1.25" eyepiece, converting it to a 2" eyepiece.

  • The three recessed round-head nylon set screws can be adjusted to lightly bear on 1.25" eyepiece barrels, enabling them to be simply 'pushed' into the reducer and held by friction.


- 2"/1 Pushfix Low-Profile Reducer  (#T2-15A)



2" SC Diamond Steeltrack


The Baader 2" SC Diamond Steeltrack Focuser enables Schmidt Cassegrains to deliver ultra-smooth focusing with zero image shift.

  • Fits Schmidt Cassegrains from 5" to 14".  The included adapters fit both the SCT 2" thread used on 8" and smaller scopes, and the 3.3" thread used on larger SCTs.

  • 30mm Focus travel

  • Fully Baffled and blackened drawtube kills off-axis stray light.

  • Optional low-profile (1mm) 2"/1 Pushfix Reducer.

  • Overall Length of xxmm, weighs xxoz (xxxg)


- 2" Baader SC Diamond Steeltrack Crayford Focuser  (#FOC-SC)



  2" Refractor Diamond Steeltrack


Baader Planetarium's 2" Refractor Diamond Steeltrack Focuser gives refractors a full 3" (76mm) of velvety smooth focusing travel. Easily adaptable to popular refractors.

  • Overall length fully retracted 80mm (backfocus length).

  • Drawtube is fully internally baffled and blackened to eliminate off-axis stray light.

  • 72mm dovetail receiver permits 360degree rotation of focuser with single-screw locking.

  • Optional RT Adapterset permits easy attachment to Celestron/Skywatcher/Zeiss refractors, and is easily adaptable to other refractors.

  • Optional adapters available to fit a variety of other refractors.

- 2" RT Steeltrack Crayford Focuser  (#FOC-RT2)  weight 1060g (2.33lb)


RT Steeltrack Adapterset

The RT Steeltrack Adapterset consists of 4 parts:
  • Large Lock-Ring (M90 Internal Thread).  3 chrome grip 'spokes' permit easy rotation and locking of the focuser.
  • 72mm Dovetail Ring for attachement to focuser.  Also has M68 External Thread, fits directly onto Zeiss.
  • Expanding Ring, M80 External Thread, fits directly onto Zeiss.
  • Base Ring, Slip-fit OD 96mm.  Slips inside of tubes with approximate ID of 96mm.

When all 4 parts are combined, the RT Adapterset slips into 96mm ID tubes (used on Celestron/Skywatcher telescopes, or any other similar sized tube).  The adapter is then attached using (3) M3 screws around the periphery.

- Steeltrack RT Adapterset  (#FOC-RTAD)



Steeldrive Motorized Focusing System


Baader Planetarium's SteelDrive Motor Drive gives precision temperature compensated focusing control for all Baader Diamond Steeltrack Focusers.

  • Easy adaptation onto all Diamond Steeltrack Focusers, no focuser disassembly required for attachment.

  • Manual focuser functions remain fully accessible

  • Thermoprobe reading 0.01C, with 0.1C display

  • Focusing resolution 2.3micron with absolute positioning.

  • High Torque and low power consumption.  Lifts a 3kg (6.5lb) load with 3 AA cells, or with USB power.

  • Software support for other focussers.


  • Stepper motor with drive electronics

  • Timing belt, fits Diamond Steeltrack fine focusing knob

  • Standalone SteelDrive Handcontrol

  • Thermo Probe with 1m cable

  • USB Cable (2M) for PC Control (may also be powered via USB)

  • ASCOM driver adn SteelGo software


- SteelDrive Focusing System  (#FOC-DRV)





2" Refractor Steeltrack Accessories  


Adapter M100


The Adapter M100 enables attachment of the 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser into telescope backplates with an opening of 100mm

  • 4"Dovetail on one side for attachment of 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser.

  • M100 external thread on other side.

  • M100 Counternut for locking onto telescope backplates.

  • Fully Baffled and blackened internal surface kills off-axis stray light.

- MT100 Adapter  (#FOC-AD100)



Adapter M116

The Adapter M116 enables attachment of the 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser into telescope backplates with an M116 thread.

  • 4"Dovetail on one side for attachment of 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser.

  • M116 internal thread on other side.

  • 48mm Overall Length

  • Baffled and blackened internal surface kills off-axis stray light.

- MT116 Adapter  (#FOC-AD116)




RT Spacer

RT 3" Steeltrack Focuser

Shown with RT Spacer and

Baader Quick Release Dovetail Base

The 3" RT Spacer allows changing back-focus by providing quick connect/disconnect spacing of the 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser (39mm spacing length). 

  • 4"External Dovetail on one side for attachment of 3" RT Steeltrack Focuser.

  • 4"Internal Dovetail Receiver on opposite side, with 3 lock screws.

  • 39mm Spacing Length

  • Baffled and blackened internal surface kills off-axis stray light.

- RT Spacer  (#FOC-SPCR)




Last Update 09/20/15


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