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Please contact us for product availability and ordering of all Lazzarotti Optics Telescopes (email).

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(208) 939-2141 (mornings before 9:30am and evenings after 6pm, Mountain) Emails are typically the best way to contact us.

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Terms and Conditions

- Payment

For all telescope orders a 50% deposit is required at time of order.  All payments will be made directly to Lazzarotti Optics or their worldwide dealer  (Unitron Italia).  Remainder due after telescope completion and prior to shipment.  Payment by  wire transfer only (sorry, no credit card orders).  Payments must be made in Euros.  Please note:  In calculating the final costs, please factor in the current $/Euro Exchange Rate.  US Duties will be billed to the customer by the shipping company (typically UPS).  Duties on astronomical equipment are approximately 8%.

Wire Transfers: Please contact us for wire information.


- Shipping

Telescopes are shipped directly from Italy..  Shipping costs will be estimated at time of order and will be paid directly to Lazzarotti Optics or their worldwide dealer (Unitron Italia). 


- Delivery Lead Times

Please contact us for availability.


- Warranty

Lazzarotti Optics Telescopes are warranted against defects in materials or workmanship by the original manufacturer for a period of 2 years  for all optical and mechanical parts.  The Lazzarotti Optics warranty covers only defects that result from normal use of the product.  Damage to the optics, optical coatings, mechanical components or accessories caused by modification, mis-use, moisture, or rough handling are not covered under warranty. 

Warranty service will be provided by Lazzarotti Optics or their designated representative.


- Disclaimer

Due to the nature of any optical instrument, optics, coatings, and mechanical parts can be damaged due to the weather or environment, impact with observatory structures, mounting supports or other surrounding objects.   This can be caused by accident, weather, improper storage, equipment failure, or software failure.  Neither Alpine Astronomical nor Lazzarotti is responsible for personal injury or damage due to use of any telescope or accessory.  Caution:  Never point the Gladius or related accessory at the SUN, or serious damage or injury could result.

The services, information or data (collectively, "Information") made available at the Alpine Astronomical, LLC  web site are provided "AS IS," without warranties of any kind.



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