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Construction took me approximately one year from when I broke ground until the scope was in place and operational.  I did almost all of the work on my own, but had some invaluable help for some of the tasks (concrete, roof installation, siding).  I was able to get all the groundwork in place prior to the winter (before the ground froze).  Over the winter, I completed some of the remaining design details, and pre-fabricated all of the roof components.  This included the machining and welding of the wheel beams and tracks, as well as building up the roof trusses.  I was able to do all this indoors, so when warmer spring temps arrived I was ready to go.  As it turns out, this was a great strategy - the building went up very quickly as a result, and the precision work was already done.


Foundation   Info. on all the groundwork and concrete work.

Framing   Details on the floor and wall construction

Roof Construction   Pre-Fab and Assembly of the roofs

Exterior Finish Work    Final Details, Exterior Finishing, and Painting

Interior Finish   Interior Finish Details (still under construction)


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