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Foundation Framing Roof Exterior Finish Interior Finish


- Flooring

A dark grey indoor/outdoor carpet adds just enough padding to the floor to keep it comfortable for standing for long periods (or laying on my back with binoculars).  I just used double back tape to hold the carpet in place (easy to remove if needed).


What's Left?

I ran out of steam at the end of the summer, and decided to start using the building as-is.  There are still some key details left to finish.


- Electrical

Once I've used the observatory through the winter, I should have a pretty good idea of where I need lighting and outlets.  Digging a trench for the supply line will have to wait until the ground thaws.


- Wall Finishing

I intend to complete the walls next spring.  I will add fiberglass insulation and most likely use a dark colored paneling (not drywall).  I believe the most desirable wall is dark, in order to further create a dark environment to help with dark adaptation. 


- Air Conditioning

Once the walls are fully insulated, a small window air conditioner will be added (note the framing already in place).  This will allow me to keep the building close to the evening temperature, for almost instant equilibration.  The substantial insulation should keep the electric costs very low.  The air conditioner also acts as a good de-humidifier (not normally a problem in my arid environment).


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