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Film Images

I've been dabbling in astrophotography for over 25 years.  Astrophotography is a curious hobby, no doubt.  Some would argue that for most objects, better images have already been taken - but that misses the point (for me, at least).   Being able to capture images myself of these fantastic objects complements the thrill I get from seeing them visually, giving a new personal perspective.

For me each shot captures both the subject, and the memory of the adventure.  Dragging all my gear to some remote site and 'bagging' the photons of some distant object has been a big part of the experience for me.  Driving home at 5AM bleary eyed, I stay awake excited by the thought of each image chemically recorded on the film in my cooler, awaiting final processing to unveil the prize.  I was also probably kept awake by my sore neck, though, as most of my images have been hand guided... 

Few of these images can match the fantastic shots that are being created today by so many superb astro-imagers.  The latest equipment certainly makes some aspects of imaging easier and more productive, but it looks like it has just shifted some of the work to other areas (darkroom vs PC). 

Click on the link below to check out a few images I have taken over the years:

Film Images


CCD Images

I've only toyed with some CCD cameras to this point, and expect the observatory to pay off here as well.  Having a permanently mounted, aligned, and outfitted rig will be a convenience I have only dreamed of.  Stay tuned for future updates.


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