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BAADER UV-IR-Cut Filter, and DSLR Correcting Filter (Canon)

The only infrared blocker in this price range featuring a planoptically polished substrate, parallel to within 30 seconds of arc!


      Reflects destructive heat radiation!

    Protects your valuable solar observing equipment such as DAYSTAR-Filters and the like from excessive heat-stress (ie, from cooking the immersion liquid!)

    Stays cool and will not shatter if subjected to great thermal stress, since even intensive radiation is not absorbed - as with ordinary “heat protective Filters”, such as KG-3 or KG-5. Energy is reflected due to an elaborate interference system of 23 dielectric coating layers.

    98% Transmission average across the visible spectrum.

     Enables pinpoint star images with digital and CCD- equipment.

     Ultrahard and durable Ion-Beam IR-cut coatings, may be cleaned any time without fear.

     Hard and absolutely scratch resistant 7-layer - multicoat featuring 0.3% residual reflection versus the regular 4.6% of an uncoated substrate.

     Freedom from ghost images due to highest quality coatings

     Plane optically polished! Retains full image resolution even at highest magnification during solar observation or eyepiece projection.

     Available in 1¼" and 2" size

     Incredibly low priced.

   Full family of adapters to mount in (almost) any telescope’s optical train - see the Astro T-2 SystemTM.

     Larger clear aperture than any competing 1¼" or 2" filter.

·    Better, more elaborate filter cell design than any competing filter, featuring a CNC-milled “crown” for ease of handling and attachment.



Spectral Transmission, UV-IR-CUT Filter

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